Cell groups are core to our church vision as they help us live out what Jesus said. They are an ideal place to discover more of what it practically means to follow Jesus. Meals together, serving one another, growing in our faith and being Christ to the people we meet all helps create a sense of community with a purpose.

All of our groups have a slightly different flavour but the same values run through all of them:

We want to live life with Jesus at the centre not the edge.
Everyone needs a place to belong, a community within their wider community.
We want to become everything God has destined us for, in work, relationship, in all of life. That process of growth is central to our groups.
We know that Jesus led by example in serving others and showing God’s love to the world. He is the one we follow as we learn to serve our friends and neighbours.

All our cells are open and welcome new people.  Ask our Sunday Welcome Team to introduce you to our cell leaders.