Crafted is a new and exciting compassion ministry in Vineyard Network Church. It formally started in September last year after being made possible by relationships built through the foodbank ministry. As a church we regularly provide Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid refuges with Foodbank bags. These are always gratefully recieved by families who are victims of domestic violence. The women can often feel very isolated when they arrive, having left homes, families and communities.¬† They are extremely vulnerable and don’t have very much to do.

A small team of ladies in church felt challenged to do more to help the women with their sense of self worth and value and “Crafted-made with love” was born. The aim is to get alongisde women in refuges to engage in craft based activities for a couple of hours once a month, to help build their self confidence and value, and to share God’s love with them. The feedback from the ladies has been very positive as it has been a welcome distraction and an opportunity to do something for themselves. We have seen them grow in confidence exploring their creative talents.